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Summer Has Been-

Summer has been –
Cool breezes sitting by blue Lake Michigan. 
Long snoozes during the light of day and 
Lots of good cooking and healthy eating to boot. 

Summer has been –
A Zoom library conference and a visit to an exhibit, in person, 
Along with several written blog posts while immersed in quiet time, 
To think clearly and clean out that mental cache. 

Summer has been –
Reading books and peering into the lives of legends, 
Adding in research to further heighten the awareness. 
Yet taking time to chat with sainted friends and dear ones.

Summer has been –
Stress free. No airports nor jet lag to recoup from.
Just calm evenings listening to noisy cicadas doing their thing. 
A special staycation to regroup and refocus before the onslaught of the new! 

Lynn M. 
August 27, 2022 

What is Love?

What is love? 
Love is not selective. 
It does not pick and choose. 
It is all encompassing
Like a huge circle of arms embracing
All in its sight while giving a big squeeze. 

What is love? 
It is unconditional. 
It does not pick and choose. 
It is expressed during wrongs and rights. 
It still hugs really tight. 

What is love? 
It comforts and soothes
Those who are known 
And those being met for the first time. 
It does not discriminate, 
But flows like a steady stream. 

If these qualities are not being shown
Or displayed universally, 
Well, it just isn’t love.

Lynn M. 
June 12, 2021