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Refreshing Providence!

The other day, I was looking at the Fox Weather Channel and they were featuring pictures of different cities in the present moment. When Providence came on the screen, I felt, “Ahh.” A fresh feeling washed over me as I remembered. I smiled and thought, “Good memory.” 

For my first trip, I good friend gave me a colorful, crunchy, velvet-like hat to wear there. I was traveling by train from Boston for a job training workshop in the early 2000’s. The new hat added to my confidence as I entered new territory. It is about an hour ride, and it was a great time to air out my thoughts and get away from the congestion of the big city. 

I always took a cab to the actual job headquarters and when I saw that the address was on Jackson Walkway, I breathed even more. The name alone reminded me of one of my alma maters, Jackson State University. That was the first of several trips there and they were all pleasant. There was a nearby waterway which gave the downtown area a certain serenity. 

On one occasion, I had extra time before the train left for Boston, so I went into a mall close by, ate in the Food Court and went into a music store. I purchased some vintage CDs like Nat King Cole and Nancy Wilson. Being in Rhode Island made me think of the historic Newport Jazz Festivals as those voices from the past whispered songs in the air. 

After leaving job training another time, I went to the mall again. That time, I bought some wonderfully scented candles from a nice small shop. I was always aware of the short time that I had to do a bit of exploring before the train headed back to Boston. The trains did not run that often so I could not afford to miss it.

The train station was always clean and welcoming, and I enjoyed seeing it later in the movie Me, Myself and Irene with Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger.  Though my train trips were business oriented, I always found time to get in a little retail therapy before heading back to Boston. When I think of that part of my personal journey, riding down to Providence always left me feeling refreshed and ready to go back and. “get on with it.”

Lynn M. 
May 28, 2022