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The Breakers

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Excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond:  Tyre & Phoenix

The first tour ended and after a short drive away, they were let off of the bus to enter The Breakers. It was a huge house that sat back on a sprawling lawn and the rear of the house faced the ocean. They were told that it had 34 bathrooms but of course, the tourists would only be allowed to see parts of the house. As Phoenix moved through the house, she thought, “Now this is really high end.”Boston and Beyond 2

They had brochures to guide them so they would know what they were viewing. In the Guest Bedroom, Phoenix noticed a two-headed chaise that she fell in love with. She thought, “If it was just a little longer, I could see me and Tyre sitting on this having a real heart to heart talk. If only…” she thought.

There was a Morning Room that was decorated in pink. There were pink draperies, a pink settee and a huge vase of fresh flowers. Phoenix could see how this room would be a great way to start any day. According to the brochure, she saw that eight of the Nine Muses were painted in oil on silver leafs. There was so much to see and she continually took notes while others just moved along quietly. She had to remember what she had seen and this was the best way for her to commit it to memory.

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