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The Serene Charles

Kayacking on the Charles- 2

Excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

They crossed Commonwealth Avenue and kept going across Beacon Street. After crossing the alley, they saw where the footbridge started and walked up the incline holding hands. They crossed over Storrow Drive and went down the incline and entered the park area by the Charles River.

There were people out with children, dogs and blankets. Some walked and some jogged. There was a slow but constant activity. They looked at each other smiled. This was a good way for their spirits to relax after the high energy of the week.

They were lucky to find an empty bench and took their seats facing the water. There was also plenty of activity on the water itself. There were sailboats, people rowing in canoes both singularly and in two’s.  They saw that some of the sails on the sailboats had numbers and realized that these were students from one of the universities.

They also saw some kayakers with the lead teacher shouting out directions on a megaphone as the athletes rowed in a synchronized manner. Tyre did a quick search and saw that there was a canoe rental place on the other side of the river. He showed it to her and said, “Check.”

She asked, “As in, the next time around?”

“Si, senora,” he said with a wink.

Boston and Beyond 2

Lynn M.                                                                                                               June 27, 2017