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When the Creator exalts us, it is sure fired. 
Permanent though often hard-earned. 
Others will see our good works 
Like a light sitting high upon a hill. 
After enduring blood, sweat and tears, 
Along with some misgivings and perceived misfirings. 

We will come to understand that quite like a volcano, 
He is both purging and creating at the same time. 
Still molding, still shaping and still making us presentable to the world. 
In a fashion which truly honors and represents Him. 
No longer cleaving to the fleeting tinsel which only shines and blings, 
Temporarily before changing to rust, disgust and immense letdowns. 

To those who understand that we ourselves are not the molders 
Of the clay, will quite likely continue to carry on! 
So, wait and work and work until the One who made it all, 
Is pleased with our efforts. 
For He can exalt us like no mortal ever could or can, 
As we showcase our wares for a borrowed season! 

Lynn M. 
July 3, 2021 

Perfect Timing!

Spirits are everlasting, 
Though they leave worn-out bodies. 
They just go somewhere, 
And they wait.  And wait. 

Quite like hiding in the wings, 
And they watch.  A high watchman. 
And when all of the ingredients are ready, 
And the circumstances are all set, 

They speak.  Yes, but through the living. 
Their voices rise again and once again, 
Their names are on the lips of many. 

They probably just stand to the side 
Smiling, grinning and thinking, 
‘Aha!’ Now you hear me, 

You really, really hear me.” 
And the timing is perfect, 
As they speak even louder
And more clearly! 

Lynn M. 
June 26, 2021