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Creating Your Own Wealth!

Prosperity is first, a state of mind. Some feel rich with minimal amounts on hand. Others have loads in their pockets, but still experience feelings of uncertainty and unhappiness. They cannot level off and stop striving for more.

A flush of rich ideas is a gold mine. List them and put together a plan and work it. That is what the visionaries did and many amassed great amounts of wealth. But some had no peace of mind. They were not able to say, “I have enough!” It’s comparable to a person who keeps eating when the tummy is full. Thus, they become bloated and that is never a good look.  As one caterer-aunt used to say, “Know when to push back from the table.”

Wealth is truly having what is needed and being able to find peace within as life rolls on. It takes hard work, perseverance and study. Reading the gurus who teach the laws of prosperity can bring everlasting peace. Try visiting the self-help section of the bookstore. Purchase their books and underline, highlight, take detailed notes and learn to apply the laws.

Then, take a personal inventory and see what is putrid and toxic. Delete the nay-sayers and start building up from the ground floor. It may take years, but lay a solid foundation and develop those God-given talents. Then, there will be a less likelihood of trying to take what others have acquired by the sweat of their brows.

Confidence strengthens with small successes. They may be baby steps but they are better than no steps at all. Don’t worry about what others appear to have because no one knows what is truly going on behind closed doors.

Create your own wealth and then you can safely claim it as your own!  Write down your plan, work it and build up, one block at a time. And most importantly, know when you have enough! Then stand back. Smile!  Breathe and glow!

Lynn M.
April 10, 2022