Breezy March!



Many shamrocks all around,
Pots of gold do abound.

Birds chirp of early spring,
Milder weather, it’ll bring.

Gusty winds clear the mind.
Loosening holds that bind.

Yes, enjoy the March breeze,
Glad winter’s gone, so sneeze!


Lynn M.                                                                           March 10, 2018


Thank A Teacher!

“If you can read this, thank a teacher.”


How many times have you seen this phrase?  Did you stop and immediately remember one of your primary school teachers?  It is a catchy phrase that will make you pause and realize that without the patience and expertise of a teacher, your life would be much harder.   You would not be able to recognize those words that are printed everywhere you look!

If your life is decidedly improved and fruit is falling all around, again thank a teacher.  Probably the books that you have read have contributed to your glorious windfalls.  As you bend down to scoop up your bounty, think of terms that you have learned like the fruits of your labor or it works if you work it.

You can think of helpful words written by some guru or spiritual teacher.  Silently give thanks for all of the encouragement, anecdotes to negativity and upward leadings that helped you move closer to your movable feast.  Your first teachers taught you how to  decode, pronounce, comprehend, apply  and ultimately read those sainted words.

You moved on into adulthood and you read with greater ease.  You practiced and read, read and read.  Then, you began to search for some answers to life’s mysteries.  You leaned on your spiritual teachers for guidance.  Their words helped to straighten out your thinking like a newly pressed  dress lying on an ironing board.

You continually read, studied, highlighted and wrote notes in the margins. The creases in your brow became less crinkled. Your facial wrinkles evaporated as understanding increased and then bunches of grapes appeared representing light. New fruit and fresh greenery emerged as the harvest rolled into view.

You sighed and took a reflective pause. Then you counted your blessings.  As you gather your gold, you should graciously thank your teachers!

Lynn M.                                                                                       March 4, 2018

Graham’s Wisdom!

valleysWe lost a great Evangelist this week or shall I say that heaven just welcomed a new resident?  Yes, the formidable Billy Graham recently changed residences and gained a new address.   He wrote, “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead.  Don’t believe a word of it.  I shall be more alive than I am now.  I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

We know that he could not live forever but after 99 years on this earth, it is still so hard to say goodbye. He said, “No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one, it still comes as a shock and it still hurts very deeply.”

We often think that people will always be around or somewhere in the backdrop, but when they are truly gone, we start to remember.  We recall what impact they had on our lives, what we learned and what we gained from their mere existences.

Upon hearing of his passing, I begin to scroll through some of his famous quotes.  It was somehow comforting and I felt closer to him as I read his thoughts.  Many of them touched me but this one held special meaning because it related to where I am on my current journey.

He said, “Mountaintops are for views, but fruit is grown in the valleys.”  I inaudibly said, “Wow, how perfect!”  I recounted my own valley experiences but after writing my gratitude pages, I realized that I am making progress.  Fruit is still ripening in the midst of my limited heightened views.

I can see that even when I felt as if time was standing still, I was still planting seeds, tilling the soil and seeing new growth bursting forth.  I gave a resounding thanks and thanked Billy Graham for helping me to see the fruits of my labor.

So, I say,” Enjoy your new address Mr. Graham.   I know that once Gabriel blew his trumpet and the gates of heaven opened , there was a warm reception party singing, “Well-done my good and faithful servant!”

Lynn M.                                                           February 25, 2018


A Gift for Black History Month!

black panther

Black Panther is a movie that captures the times of today.  Though it encompasses much, its powerful message circles around what happens to families when they break apart due to deeply buried truths.  Warring relatives both vie for power and rightful positions as this tale unfolds.  It is based on a Marvel Comics series written by a variety of writers.

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) has been newly installed as King of Wakanda after his father’s death and after successfully battling  a neighboring contender. He rules and protects his kingdom as his father did while remaining quite oblivious to the woes of the outside world.

That is until an angry and long, lost cousin Erik (Michael B. Jordan) shows up on the African land to take the throne.  He is filled with hate and rage because his father had been executed by the T’Challa’s father, though they were brothers.  He is stronger than T’Challa and takes the throne for a while after they fight a ferocious battle.  He plans on destroying many factions of the world to get revenge for his many years of suffering because of the world’s injustices.

There is so much to this star-studded cast and the best thing to do is just go and see it. Here are a few major actors:  Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’o and Sterling K. Brown along with some great, new talent.  The acting is top-notched; the costumes are unforgettable and it is extremely high-tech.  What a fun experience!

When it ended, I turned around and everybody was basically still in their seats. No one wanted it to end. So I also lingered and sure enough, after the credits rolled there were two or three more sneak peaks and additions to the script.  One woman said, “I am going to see it again.”  As I think about it, I will too.  What a gift!

Lynn M.                                                                              February 18, 2018

The Greatest Love!


rose single

It’s February, the month of love. Immediately the colors of pink and red along with the shapes of hearts are reminders that Valentine’s Day is near.

A barrage of thoughts may fill your mind as you think about your wishes, expectations or precious memories.
But what about the greatest love of all?

Whitney Houston succinctly reminds you in her song that the greatest love of all is “the love inside of me.”  Let’s face it, you live in a selfie world and the younger generations have few problems with putting themselves at the center of it all.

But you older ones who are strapped with responsibility need to follow suit and take more time to love and adorn yourselves. If you are feeling out of balance, harried or generally just not ‘up to snuff’ as the Southerners say, then simply STOP.

Here is a new acronym:
S- Stop
T- Taking on
P- Problems

You are enough. You have enough to do as you manage your own life and realign yourself with the universe and the natural order of things. You may have become broken down, so to speak, from operating as a people-pleaser who has become depleted and out of tune.

As a remedy, push aside all but the absolute necessities. Become your own center and focal point and the greatest concern of all. Let everybody else wait or take a proverbial hike. Then, put on some soft music, take long bath soaks, light a candle and listen to healing and soothing meditation tapes to regain your central peace.

Ask yourself: What am I striving for? What do I want to accomplish? What is my timeline? What is my plan of action? What is urgent and what can wait?

Slow down and put as many things on hold as possible until your strength resurges to a comfortable level. Center, align and reawaken to your own voice. Listen to what your heart is telling you to do.

Give yourself all of the attention that you have been doling out to others. Acknowledge the fact that you cannot help others until you first help yourself. Take small steps as you move towards realizing that the greatest love of all is indeed inside of you.

Agree with Tanaaz.  “If  you have been neglecting yourself by doing things to please others, you may find that this lunar energy forces you to take a fewer steps back and relax. Say, ‘I deserve to love myself. I deserve to be happy.’

Lynn M.                                                          February 11, 2018

Unfinished Business: Two Books

I happened to be reading two books simultaneously – one on my Kindle and the other an actual library book.   As I was reading Down the Hidden Path by Heather Burch and No Place I’d Rather Be by Cathy Lamb, I thought, “Hmmm.  So many similarities.

In both novels, Gray, a physical therapist and Olivia, a head chef are returning to their hometowns and both move into their grandparents’ vacant homes. They each run into their former flames and both want to avoid them at all costs for different reasons.  But it is clear that there is obviously still some unfinished business.

Gray from Down the Hidden Path returns to Missouri runs into Jeremiah.  She has a secret.  They have a twelve year-old son named David and though another couple adopted him, Gray has always been a part of her son’s life.  How long can she keep the truth from Jeremiah?  He went off to war and he has no idea that he is the father of a tween. How will he handle the truth?

Down the Hidden Path

Olivia from No Place I’d Rather Be, on the other hand, is returning to Montana after losing her job as head chef in Portland.  She almost veers off a cliff while driving in a blizzard, but Jace, her estranged husband, is there to save her and the two small girls she has in tow.  Why are they not together?  Who are the little girls?

No Place

Again, in both novels, Jeremiah and Jace are prominent ranch owners and well- positioned to assist these cash-strapped women. But will fear and pride cause Gray or Olivia to go under?  Can they trust again?

Answers abound as I continued to read along.  Jeremiah is livid when he finds out that he has a 12-year old son and he takes action against Gray which later backfires.  In contrast, Jace understands Olivia’s love for these two little girls because she had lost their three children through miscarriages. But can she convince the courts that she is a better parent than their imprisoned birth mother who is about to be released?

These couples apparently have plenty of unfinished business and it seems that only they can work out the equations.  Children’s lives are at stake. If the flames of the torches can be turned higher and hearts are opened, then maybe they will find grand solutions.  Pick up either or both of these books and see how it all works out!

Lynn M.                                                                                      February 4, 2018

February Love Month

love month

Love is always in the air,
For those who reach out and care.

Extend yourself to others,
With the warm love of mothers.

Draw out the best from people,
As if under a steeple.

The way is narrow and straight,
See each one as sacred bait.

Sharing wisdom, hugs and smiles,
To carry them through many miles!

Lynn M.                                                                            February 3, 2018

The Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour.jpg

Reading Clementine Churchill by Sonia Purnell a couple of years ago sparked an interest in seeing the new movie called Darkest Hour.  Purnell gave a well-researched and intimate look at this loving couple though it focused on Clementine’s role in her famous husband’s life.  It further proved that there is usually a woman behind every great man.  The book offered details of their daily lives so when I viewed the movie, I quietly agreed that Kristin Scott Thomas captured Clemmie’s essence.

But more importantly, this movie showed the inner tickings of Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) as he wrestled with his new responsibility as Prime Ministet at the height of the German invasions under Hitler.  Churchill’s war cabinet wanted to negotiate with Germany in the face of terror, fear and the loss of many young soldiers.

Most of the movie pinpoints a few days in the month of May when he painstakingly weighed his options.  Will he lead the country into eternal servitude to a greater power?  Will he buckle under the pressure because few believe in him or his rationale?

Clemmie soothes and reassures him and tells him that he has what it takes. King George VI (Ben Mendelsohn) finally lets Churchill know that he has his full support though other key members of Parliament doubt his judgment.  And then, he decides to ask the people.  There is a memorable scene of Churchill getting on the subway and actually talking with the everyday working people.  Though shocked to see him,  he opens up a conversation and they all vow that they should never surrender.

He writes a speech with the help of his dutiful typist Elizabeth Layton (Lily James) and the movie ends with him giving a major speech.  The rest, they say, is history.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Winston Churchill.  “If you are going through hell, keep going.”  He kept going and I think that Gary Oldman could possibly be taking home a little gold statue called Oscar!

Lynn M.                                                         January 27, 2018

Rolling Forward!

2018 has jolted us to life!  So much seems to be happening on so many different levels.  We do not have time to close our mouths over one shocker before something else comes along that jars us even further awake.

It is comparable to that spank that doctors once gave the newborn child to hear the first cry.  Nowadays, they massage the baby’s bottom to make sure that the child is awake and has indeed crossed over into the land of the living.

I recently read a novel called Ghana Must Go and it spoke on the African belief about the birth of twins.  Author Taiye Selasi said that the first one comes in this new world, looks around and then lets the other one know if it is worth the journey.

I could not believe it when I read it because I had already written about the birth of twins in my last novella called Gardens of Green.  Similarly, a set of twins is born and one makes it but the other does not survive.  I was spiritually attuned and did not know it at the time. This world would have been too much for the weaker twin, so he opted out.

Gardens of Green cover

But  we are  already here in the midst of this jolting January so we have to lean in as these many things roll across the screens of our television sets.  We cannot afford to take our eyes off of the ball. We should cleave to hope in an effort to keep it alive and paddle on through. Hopefully, things will ease up and settle down as we propel ourselves forward!

Lynn M.                                                                    January 20, 2018


Hang in there

Justice rides a slow horse but it always overtakes.This was one of my mother’s favorite quotes and it is perfect during this MLK, Jr. weekend.

What is justice?  Who gets it? Justice comes for those who can wait it out and see things through.  Winston Churchill reminds us, If you are going through hell, keep on going.”

So as we wait for the tide to change, here are a host of reminders and affirmations that we can read or write to help us stay filled with expectancy.

  • Persevere!
  • Hang in there!
  • Hold on!
  • Grab ahold and don’t let go!
  • Don’t give up!
  • Don’t give in!
  • Hang tight!
  • Change is coming!
  • Only believe!
  • Keep the faith!
  • Be encouraged!
  • Cling to hope!
  • Justice prevails!

We can use some of these as we swim through our challenges and struggle to remain buoyant and stay afloat until we reach sturdier and safer shores.  When we feel weary or disconcerted, we can remember those who marched, cried and toiled before our time.  They too questioned whether things would ever change.

As we enjoy this longer weekend and pay homage to the life of Dr. King, we can feel quite certain that justice will be served. Though the horse may travel slowly in our lives, if we prevail, we will see him overtaking all of the mishaps. He will then appear in all of his glory saddled with that good news!

Lynn M.                                                                          January 13, 2018