Time Wisely Spent!

Why do some people advance and go full steam ahead while others are left lagging behind?  Usually those who have sprinted ahead have spent their time more wisely.  They have taken advantage of every moment and often fill the spaces with new and innovative projects.

I once took a mini Time-Management course and it gave me several helpful tips on using the hours and minutes of the day.  Those hours and minutes make up the length of our lives and if we really want pleasant results, we must spend our time meeting our personal goals.

If we are preparing to give a presentation, we could make note cards.  They are normally written on index or small cards because they are portable and can be easily interchanged to reorganize our plan.  We can rehearse during those times that have to wait for something or someone.

Some people can sit and stare blankly into space for long periods of time.  That is fine, but they should not feel intimidated by those who go on to achieve greater things.  Those whose necks are out front in the race of life have been working diligently or as ‘busy as a beaver’ during their free time.

The other day, I was waiting for a student to finish some work.  I did not want to hover or rush the student, so I decided to fill up the space by picking up a few new Spanish words.  There was a libro espanol  (Spanish book) on the table.  I had la hoja de papel (paper) and el boligrafo (pen).   I asked myself, “Why not get ready for my next class with the young Spanish-speaking students?  Perhaps the next time around, I can say more than Hola, estudiantes!  I can add more words to my script.  So,  I used my wait time getting prepared for my next venture.

People often wonder how others can get so much done.  It is simple. They don’t procrastinate and they make the most of their time.  Time is ours for the taking and if we are serious about moving up a notch, we should work like the beavers and build.  Benjamin Franklin reminded us that “Lost time is never found again!”

Lynn M.

October 7, 2015

2 thoughts on “Time Wisely Spent!

  1. Using time productively while waiting for other things to happen is quite a joy, isn’t it, Lynn? Your posts are becoming wonderfully philosophical in content 🙂


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