Living Again!

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I recall George Bailey’s plea, “I want to live again,” towards the end of the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life.  As I look out and see people walking, smiling and enjoying the sun, this line rings so true!

After being locked inside for over three months due to the current pandemic, people are truly living again!  They have felt stymied by the protests, looting and massive losses of lives and jobs, but they are now exhaling.

They are vibrantly living again and remembering to take no thing nor person for granted.  They better understand the meaning of the phrase, “Here today. Gone tomorrow.”  They are letting out the staleness from pent-up, cabin fever and taking in huge, happy, fresh breaths of air.

Hope is being renewed and futures are looking brighter than they have for quite some time.  Some are wearing masks and some are practicing social distancing though others are not being as vigilant.  Either way, people are moving forward and affirming “We shall remain, “as the Native Americans vowed to do.

Lynn M.                                                   June 20, 2020

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